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Our Ethos

At Ocky Olly we, like many others, feel that through positive experiences with nature we set the stage for our children to have a lifetime commitment to caring for the Earth, animals, and our communities. We know that early childhood is the best time to plant the seeds of wonder, so we say, let kids explore and discover for themselves the magnificence of nature by making sure they have many opportunities to play outdoors.

By teaching young children about endangered species, pollution, and other environmental tragedies we sometimes teach children that their relationship with nature is based on worry and fear instead of love and wonder.

Whilst we still have a generation of parents and grandparents who grew up outdoors and can pass on their experience, let’s teach our young children to learn to love the Earth before they can be asked to save it.

Sticks and twigs, rocks and pebbles, shells and leaves can all be sorted, counted, used to build amazing structures, explored with magnifying glasses, and used in art projects.

Building a den, picking flowers, climbing trees – the outdoors is a treasure trove, rich in imagination. It brings huge benefits that we believe every child should have the opportunity to experience. 

When outside children can use leaves, dirt, sand, water, grass, and other natural elements to feel the texture of nature, observe the multitude of colors found there and listen to the unique sound.

Playing outdoors also offers a range of benefits to their spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and mental well-being needs and there's an increasing body of scientific research to support that:

  • Children who frequently play outside in an unstructured environment have demonstrated higher scores on concentration tests that children who play indoors.
  • These children develop better motor skills and are less metabolically challenged than children who spend most of the time indoors.
  • Encouraging children to play outside helps strengthen their immunity resulting in less sickness.
  • When children play in natural environments they learn to improve their awareness to their surroundings, use and navigate the world with heightened senses, and build on their observation skills.
  • The more children play in nature, the greater the stress benefits and they have better social relationships with their peers whilst also giving them a love for nature and the environment

In a survey of 9-10 year olds in 2008, 38% of children could not identify a frog. [BBC Wildlife Magazine Survey 2008] 

A recent survey by The National Trust found that only half of Britain’s children could identify an oak leaf. By contrast nine out of 10 could identify fictional TV characters

So let's, embrace nature and get our little one playing outdoors