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Our Story
Ocky Olly is the brainchild of Mumpreneur Marilu Wren. Living by the sea in a beautiful South Hams hamlet in South Devon, with her husband Gordie and their four children, meant regular trips to the beach, resulting in damp, sandy clothes and Marilu’s beach bag being full of the weird and wonderful collections that the children had discovered along the way. 

After years of looking for good quality, durable play clothes for her "little explorers” to wear, combined with her youngest, Daisy’s obsession with pockets, Marilu decided she would be better off designing her own and the Smocka was born.

We think it’s the perfect answer to little explorers everywhere, enabling them to keep all their special treasures safe. From conkers, acorns, seaweed and shells to bits of string, lego heads, buttons and old keys, they are all important when you are little and need to keep your things away from big brothers or sisters!
Why Ocky Olly?
Marilu has fond memories of playing Ocky Olly in the garden with her 4 siblings. Hiding in a leafy corner or under a dusty table in the shed, hoping not to hear the cry of "Ocky Olly” when she was found! As well as having the pleasure of giving a running commentary, to her yet undiscovered siblings as the seekers sets out once again. What better name for little people on the hunt.

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